Oregon Rowing Unlimited-PDX (ORU) is a non-profit 501c(3) rowing club for youth and adults in Portland, Oregon. Our largest program, ORU Juniors, consists of students in 6th-12 grade.  The ORU Masters Team includes both brand new and established rowers, ages 23 and older, who row for recreation, fitness, and fun, and who have the option to compete at a variety of regattas. 

We offer...

  • A comprehensive Junior Program based on a European model
  • An established coaching team with over 25 years of competitive and coaching experience in both Europe and the US
  • Instruction, training and competition in both sculling and sweep rowing
  • The opportunity to train and compete in small boats (singles, doubles/pairs, quads/fours) and eights  
  • Individual coaching strategies selected by the coaches for each rower
  • Year-round training. , using Concept2 rowing (erg) machines and weight trainings well as a weight training program personally designed by Plamenusing Concept consisting of personally designed indoor conditioning programs coupled with quality on-the-water coached sessions

We believe in...

  • The introduction of rowing at a younger age (11 yrs+)
  • The importance of providing individual, personalized coaching strategies for each rower
  • An emphasis on sculling to teach and develop proper technique -- especially important for younger rowers to encourage symmetrical muscle development in their growing bodies
  • The importance of learning to row well before learning to row fast
  • A long-term, balanced approach to rowers' development
  • The potential of EVERY athlete in the club, regardless of age or skill level

Our goal is...

  • To develop champions at the district, national and international levels by providing the means for our rowers to perform at their personal bests.

The ORU-PDX Junior Program is based on a European model. Our coaches Nadia and Plamen collectively have over 25 years of competitive and coaching experience both in Europe and the US.  For the Junior Program, the ORU coaches are offering quality training to athletes of all ages and abilities by applying their well-honed skills and authoritative knowledge to select an individual coaching strategy for each rower.  Our coaches believe in the potential of every athlete in the club, and their goal is to help them perform at his or her very best. The ultimate goal for the Junior Program is to develop champions at the district, national, and international levels.
> SInce rowing is a sport of all seasons, we offer indoor and outdoor training throughout the year.  Our indoor conditioning includes training on Concept2 rowing (erg) machines as well as a weight training program personally designed by Plamen.  The weight training program is essential during the off-season training for rowers to improve their performance on water during the active season.
> ORU-PDX also offers an Elite Program for rowers with longer experience and ambitions to participate in national and international championships.