Portland Fall Classic

Date: Sunday October 26th

Where: Rose City/Station L

What to Bring: Rain jacket, sponges, WATCH, Uniforms, extra clothes, snack/breakfast.

Transportation: Individual

Food: Provide individually

Lounging: N/A

Be there: 8:00am at ORU boathouse

Distance: 5 kilometers

Competing: All juniors

Launching: From the ORU dock

Start: Rolling start

Line ups: Contact the coaches

Other questions: Contact Frank

Extra: We will be launching From the ORU dock and the rowers will row behind Ross Island where the start line is.It is a rolling start and they will be calling the crews in order so make sure you are on time. Being late to the start, going in the wrong direction, or not following the race coarse will get you a time penalty. Unlike Row For The Cure, the race coarse will not require you to spin mid race to continue. Instead you need to follow the coarse and make sure you go under the correct side of the bridges. After the our crew is done racing, the rowers need to gather and together they will row back to our dock leaving no boat behind. Click Here to see the race coarse.