Mission Statement

Oregon Rowing Unlimited – PDX (ORU-PDX) is a non-profit rowing organization, located in Portland, on the Willamette River.  ORU-PDX was formed in 2015 to support, promote, and expand the sport of rowing in the state of Oregon.


Rowing is a lifelong sport that takes years to master and we believe that the principles associated with rowing, such as teamwork, discipline, responsibility, target-setting, and commitment, lead to success both on and off the water.  We strive to nurture these values early in young athletes, giving them the tools to meet the challenges of everyday life in years to come.

Program Goals

Our coaches at ORU-PDX aim to train every rower to reach their full potential, regardless of their initial level of skill and fitness.  Similar to philosophies of Youth European Rowing Clubs, we believe in the importance of producing technically competent and technically intelligent rowers. Our youngest rowers are introduced to the sport of rowing in a fun, safe, enjoyable, and challenging environment.  Our training sessions focus on technical repetitions mainly on smaller boats.

Our club dedicates notable energy and resources to the Junior Race Team, and its participants are expected to display high level of sportsmanship towards fellow rowers both inside and outside of the club, whether in victory or in defeat.  Rowers will be pushed to higher level of performance by focusing on endurance, strength training, proper technique, tactics, and race preparation.


Oregon Rowing Unlimited was formed in 1988, and reorganized as ORU-PDX in 2015, to spread the joy of rowing to youth and adults in Oregon.  For nearly 30 years it has contributed to the growing popularity of rowing by being the source of origin and inspiration for almost every rowing club in the greater Portland area. Our success could not be possible without the generous support of Oaks Park.