Challenge West BC


Where: Challenge West BC on Elk Lake in Victoria B.C.

What to Bring: Rainjacket, Uniforms, extra clothes, SUNSCREEN, hats, PASSPORTS, motion sickness pills ( if needed for the ferry )

Transportation: Individual + Ferry ride ( to Victoria and back )

Food: Provide individually

Lounging: Hotel 3 days

Be there: More information later

Distance: 1850 meters

Competing: More information later

Launching: Victoria City Rowing Dock

Start: Quick start

Line ups: Contact the coaches

Extra: this regatta is highly recommended to all rowers to add to their summer schedule. the regatta is separated by ages ( 14/16/18), which is perfect for our young rowers to race in their age group. This regatta has many competitive teams including the US National Selection Team and the Canadian National Team. It is a very popular race. In some events there is over 30 entries. The regatta is a great chance to keep rowers in shape and racing with people their age. The lake is flat and it gives the chance for rowers to compete in small boats safely.