ORU had a wonderful weekend racing at Regionals. Of the 18 entries, 16 participated in finals. ORU won 8 event medals, and three of our boats qualified for Nationals in Florida. The Men's Lightweight Double, the Women's Double and the Women's Quad all competed at Nationals, where they raced against the top 28 boats in the country. Ten of our boats received the prestigious title of 'State Champion.'

Our Women's 3V 2x, with Milla Beremski and Ali Winslow, placed third with a time of 9:00.750.

Our other Women's 3V 2x, with Rory Schinkelwitz and Sophia Coseo, placed third with an even better time of 8:34.734.

Our Men's Novice 2x, with August Altucher and Ian Lloyd-Jones, placed second with an amazing time of 7:55.580.

ORU rowers, Nicky Tcherven, Keenen Carlyle, Shep Riley, Will Hathaway and coxswain Ivo Kerefeyski, placed second in the Men's Youth 4x+ with a time of 7:54.220.

National qualifiers, Liam Zimmermann and Ivan Beremski, placed third in the Men's Ltwt 2x with a time of 7:21.649.

National qualifiers, Desi Petrova, Amelia Vassallo, Cleo Whelan and Jasper Whelan, placed third in the Women's Varsity 4x with a time of 7:27.412.

Desi Petrova and Amelia Vassallo also qualified for Nationals in their Women's Varsity 2x with a time of 8:10.435.

Lastly, our Women's 2V 2x, with Cleo Whelan and Jasper Whelan, placed second with a time of 8:18.971.

"All were merged into the smoothly working machine; they were, in fact, a poem of motion, a symphony of swinging blades." -Daniel James Brown, The Boys in the Boat

Photos courtesy to Lisa Hilker.