Congratulations to all competitors for yet another fast NW Ergomania. So proud of Team ORU!

NW Ergomania, the NW Indoor Rowing Championships, provides the entire Pacific Northwest region with the opportunity to race in over 20 categories. ORU athletes competed in 2000 meter sprints.


The club performed exeptionally well!

Meet the team, see the photos.

Final Results are listed bellow:

Men’s JR LTWT 2K (total 38 competitors)

Simon Hatcher placed 3rd with a PR

Ari Grayzel placed 12th with a PR

Griffin Palmer placed 18th with a PR

Ivan Beremski placed 28th


Men’s JR 2K (total 32 competitors)

Norman Hilker placed 23rd


Women’s JR Novice 2K (total 52 competitors)

Rory Schinkelwitz placed 5th in the novice category almost breaking 8min (her time - 8:00.5)


Women’s JR LTWT 2K (total 38 competitors)

Desi Petrova placed 4th


Women’s JR 2K (total 55 competitors)

Amelia Vassallo placed 28th

Sophia Coseo placed 47th


Great Job Everyone! You were looking pretty fast!