Beautiful day at the Tail of the Lake Regatta in Seattle. Congratulations to all rowers who participated in the regatta this Sunday. Thank you to everyone who came to the beautiful Lake Union and made it such a great weekend. 

Congratulations to Sophia W, Michael, and Morgan for having their first novice races of the season. Well done!

Double golden triumph for our Men's and Women's double sculls. The moment Liam, Ivan, Desi, and Amelia realized they have won the gold was priceless. 

Norman and Gus had a really exciting race in a double. They placed 5th in their event. Milla and Rachel's boat came in a respectable 9th place out of 22 boats with a time of just under 18min. Parker and Ali placed 8th in the Women's 2x.

Ari, Simon, and Tervel raced the singles and placed 6th, 7th, and 10th respectively.

Our two ORU Men's quadruple sculls had a great race finishing 3rd and 4th. Bronze lining for Gus, Norman, Tervel, and Ari. The ORU Women's quad (Cleo, Jasper, Sophia, and Sarah) finished 3rd with the time of 16:11.4.

Desi and Amelia had a very strong second race and finished 6th in the Women's Pair.

Our ORU Men's crew, led by Shep, finished 6th in the Men's Novice 4x+.

The Women's crew, led by Lauren, finished 4th in the Women's Novice 4x+.

The Men's Jr 4+ crew, with Nicky in the stroke seat, finished 6th in their event.

Coxswains Ruby and Autumn ensured their crews had plenty in the tank, determined to finish strong. 

Some tough races, but what a privilege for our rowers to be in such a quality field. Well done everyone!