The Row Must Go On

Joining the ORU juniors team at the America Lake Regatta, as an experienced rower or as a novice rower, offered an amazing time, full with valuable experiences for everyone to learn and great opportunities to hone our racing skills. We had fantastic results with 12 out of 19 boats earning medals.

ORU rowing roots run deep, and our passion for the sport continues to thrive. Congratulations, all!

Photographs courtesy of Jane Savage

Row It Like You Stole It

Tail of the Lake has been one of our favorite fall regattas. We love it because of its location and perfect organization. ORU brought the heat to Seattle and showed some great results.

Congratulations to Hannah and Yago Marin for having their first novice races of the season. Well done!

Golden triumphs for our Men's Jr 2x (Ivan and Will), our Womens 4x (Sarah, Sophia, Mika and Milla) and our Women's Novice 4x+ (Gabby, Annie, Kalista, Hannah and Roby (c)).

Sarah and Milla had a really fantastic race in a double. They placed 2nd out of 22 boats in their event with the time of 17:08.3.

Our Mens quadruple scull with Gus, Max Z., Ian and Ivan finished 2nd with 13:42.

Another silver for our Mens U17 8+. Congratulations to Gabriel, Lucas, Max S., Owen, Keenen, Adley, Yago, Michael, and Andrew in the stroke seat and their coxswain Jordan Bancroft.

Will, Leeland, Lucas and Henry had a very strong race and finished 3rd in the Mens U17 4x event.

Some incredibly tough races, but what a fantastic day of rowing against the best PNW crews. Well done everyone!

photographs courtesy of Jane Savage


Gus Altucher from ORU-PDX and teammates Austin Lai (CA), Malakai Leon (FL) and Theory Millar (CA) earned spots on the 2019 U19 National Team by winning the Men's U19 4x event at CanAmMex. They will represent Team USA at this year's World Rowing Junior Championships August 7-11 in Tokyo, Japan.…/usrowing-names-2019-under-19-nat…/


Alex Edwards was one of 52 youth athletes selected from the Northwest region to take part in the new USRowing U19 Olympic Development Program (ODP) camp this summer. The Northwest team had 3 weeks of intensive training in Ashland, Oregon, where they focused on both sculling and sweep development and attended seminars on topics such as mental toughness, nutrition, race preparation, and rowing in college. The team then traveled to Sarasota, FL. for a week to compete against the other five regions in the inaugural "ODP Summer Cup.” Alex raced in three events, winning bronze in the U18 W4+ B. She also raced in the U18 W8+ and the U17 W4x.



Congratulations for an impressive performance by ORU Juniors at this years Youth Nationals. The Gus-Simon double finished 3rd in the nation, and the Ivan-Will lightweight double finished 5th in the nation. This is an impressive achievement - for the first time in the history of ORU-PDX, all Youth Nationals qualifying boats reached Final A! Congratulations to the athletes and the coaches for a stunning performance!


A fantastic weekend in Eugene. The varsity and novice boys and girls all continued their season at the 2019 Covered Bridge Regatta in Eugene, OR. It was a great weekend for racing. Thanks to all the parents who contributed food and helped make this event a success.

Gus, Simon, Ivan, and Will won gold medals in the single scull events. Beside single scull, Gus and his partner Simon also raced in a double and a pair, winning gold medals in both events. Brilliant success!!! In a dominating performance, Ivan and Will claimed the gold medal in the Mens JV 2x event.

Congratulations to Tom and Joe for winning bronze medal in the Mens JR JV 2x event, and to Adrian and Ian who placed third in the Mens JR Varsity 2x event. Our Womens Jr Varsity 4x quadruple scull (Ashley, Cleo, Ali, and Ella) had a great race and also finished third. Well done everyone!

Photos courtesy of Jane Savage


Great racing at the Head of the Lake Regatta this weekend in Seattle! Out of three events, two ORU boats placed in the top three with one gold and one silver medal. In the Mens Jr 4x Coxed race, the crew of Gus, Simon, Ian, Ivan and their coxswain Ruby quickly moved into the top spot, building about a 10 sec. advance over the other teams winning the race in a 17:00.817.

Our Boys U17B double scull tandem of Will and Adley took home the silver, clocking at 19:34.715. Great effort from our Boys U17A double scull crew of Max and Shep who completed the course and placed 6th in their event, while battling some shoulder pains mid-race.

What an incredible experience for all our rowers on a perfectly lovely day!


This was one very emotional weekend for the seven rowers and their parents and coaches at the 2018 Youth National Championships. For the first time in the history of ORU, we have not one, but two boats racing in Final B. We remain hopeful that pretty soon we will reach the high level of competing in Final A. Gus and Simon, after a very strong final, finished 8th in the nation! Our 4+, with Liam, Ari, Ian, Ivan, and their coxswain Max, finished 12th, with the best time from our NW region. Well done! We are super proud of each and everyone competing at this years Nationals. 



What a fantastic weekend at Brentwood International College Regatta!

ORU JUNIORS were able to medal in 8 events. Started off with a bronze medal in the Under 19 4x+ of Gus, Simon, Norman, and Ari coxed by Max S. 
Special congratulations to our Under 17 Novice Women 4x+ of Sarah, Sophia, Lauren and Rachel, coxed by Ruby for winning a GOLD. Their coxswain Ruby, took full responsibility for the boat, motivated the girls, and controlled the race with her heart and soul. 
Shortly after that, our Under 17 Men 4x+ of Gus, Keenen, Max and Will, coxed by Max S won a silver medal. Another silver medal, this time for our Under19 JV Men 2x Liam and Ivan, and a bronze medal for our Under19 JV Women 2x Desi and Milla. So proud of these boys and girls! They had some very close racing this weekend.

We are pleased with Gus and Simon for placing second in their Under 19 Men 2x event. A stellar performance by our ORU Under 17 Men 2x, Keenen and Max Z. who had a very strong race and finished third. And finally, compliments to our Under 19 Lwt72 Men 4+ crew (Liam, Ari, Ian, and Ivan) for winning bronze. Their Coxswain Max S. ensured his crew had plenty in the tank to finish this race strong. Please don't ever stop doing the incredible job that you do!

We are also very delighted with our Under 17 Novice Men 4x+ crew of Shep, Christopher, Adley and Henry.  Those fit novice boys had 3-4 very incredibly emotional races in one day. A special congratulations to their coxswain Calvin! His energy and ability to handle stress were incredible. We cherish his determination!

Congratulations to our rowers on their historic achievement during this truly amazing weekend! They all have the physical and psychological gifts needed to be great rowers!

photos by Carl Mandac, Bess Freas and Linda Callahan.


Another strong performance by the ORU Junior team at the Covered Bridge Regatta in Eugene, Oregon.  Seven golds, four silvers and twelve bronze medals were won on the 2K course. With temperatures in the mid-forties, the spring weather was cloudy and with moderate breeze. The lakefront was muddy underfoot and it was really, really cold, but once you get out there, you quickly get warm. The fastest among the ORU boats on the course was the Men’s Varsity 8+ with a time of 6:38.  It has been a great regatta! Congratulations team and keep up the great work!

Thank you to Lisa Hilker for the beautiful photos!


Coach Plamen Petrov was honored by the Portland Police Bureau with a Life Saving Award at a ceremony on Thursday, November 16, 2017. The honor is given by the Police Bureau to any bureau or community member who saved the life of another person.

On July 28th, Plamen Petrov came to the aid of a local master rower who had a medical emergency (heart attack) while rowing in his single. Coach Plamen was nearby and was able to pull the rower, who had fallen into the river with his feet still attached to his boat, inside the launch, where Coach Plamen performed chest compressions and rescue breathing, working feverishly yet staying calm and coordinated until an ambulance could arrive.



Beautiful day at the Tail of the Lake Regatta in Seattle. Congratulations to all rowers who participated in the regatta this Sunday. Thank you to everyone who came to the beautiful Lake Union and made it such a great weekend. 

Congratulations to Sophia W, Michael, and Morgan for having their first novice races of the season. Well done!

Double golden triumph for our Men's and Women's double sculls. The moment Liam, Ivan, Desi, and Amelia realized they have won the gold was priceless. 

Norman and Gus had a really exciting race in a double. They placed 5th in their event. Milla and Rachel's boat came in a respectable 9th place out of 22 boats with a time of just under 18min. Parker and Ali placed 8th in the Women's 2x.

Ari, Simon, and Tervel raced the singles and placed 6th, 7th, and 10th respectively.

Our two ORU Men's quadruple sculls had a great race finishing 3rd and 4th. Bronze lining for Gus, Norman, Tervel, and Ari. The ORU Women's quad (Cleo, Jasper, Sophia, and Sarah) finished 3rd with the time of 16:11.4.

Desi and Amelia had a very strong second race and finished 6th in the Women's Pair.

Our ORU Men's crew, led by Shep, finished 6th in the Men's Novice 4x+.

The Women's crew, led by Lauren, finished 4th in the Women's Novice 4x+.

The Men's Jr 4+ crew, with Nicky in the stroke seat, finished 6th in their event.

Coxswains Ruby and Autumn ensured their crews had plenty in the tank, determined to finish strong. 

Some tough races, but what a privilege for our rowers to be in such a quality field. Well done everyone!



On August 8th, 2017 a very special men to Oregon Rowing Unlimited passed away: Masters Coach Stephen Loaiza. Stephen officially joined our team last fall. In that relatively short time, he made an immeasurable impact on our club, on our Masters Team, and on countless individual rowers.

Rowing was one of Stephen's great passions; it nurtured his body and his soul. One of his biggest thrills was offering others a glimpse of the joy that rowing could bring. Over the years, he shared his passion with people of all age groups, genders, abilities, and walks of life. He brought people together, on the water and in life.

We are so fortunate that Stephen shared his gifts with us. According to him, you don't "choose" rowing, rowing chooses you. All we know is that we are grateful that WE chose Stephen. He will live in our hearts, and in our rowing, every day.